Tourist Information UK


The UK is a densely populated island with well connected travel routes. British people love their cars and travelling by road is probably the most popular choice of travel.

Public transport is available by using buses and trains throughout the UK. Cities like Manchester, Nottingham and Blackpool have tram services to supplement the other public transport systems. Some people criticise the public transport system in the UK by saying that there is not enough infrastructure but you can travel the length and breadth of the country on trains and buses. It might however, be a bit of a costly and lengthy journey.

Trains can be a quick and efficient way to travel within England, Scotland and Wales. There are train stations throughout the country with major towns and cities having larger stations and consequently more frequent trains. The rail infrastructure is being improved to carry high speed trains, cutting journey times considerably and increasing the popularity of train services.

All towns will also have a bus station which will serve the local villages and towns nearby. For longer coach journeys, people tend to use National Express, Stagecoach or a local coach company that will advertise in local newspapers.

Our island is also well served by International and regional airports.

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