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Hotels are generally more luxurious than a bed and breakfast and typically nowadays come with an en-suite bathroom, television and hairdryer.

Hotels are star rated according to the facilities that are on offer to guests. The higher the star rating the more facilities are available to guests. The highest star rating is five and for that you would expect a first class restaurant, health spa and swimming pool, large rooms, air conditioning and possibly a golf course while a one star hotel will probably just have a small room with basic facilities and may not even have an en suite bathroom.

In hotels there are usually restrictions on the times that you can check-in and check out. These times vary from hotel to hotel but generally, check-in times are from 3pm and check-out times are from 10am. Sometimes there may be an additional charge if you check out later than stated unless this has been pre-booked.

Hotel rooms are offered as single, twin, double and family. Prices are usually per person per night and include breakfast.

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