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Bed & Breakfast

B&B stands for bed and breakfast. A B&B is usually a private home which has rooms to rent to tourists and travellers for short periods. Breakfast is included in the price. Most B&Bs are quite small with only 1 or two rooms for rent but in popular tourist areas, for example the south coast, B&Bs can be quite large.

B&Bs vary in quality and service but are usually a cheaper option than a hotel. Budget hotel chains like Travel Inn and Travelodge have recently offered hotel rooms at equivalent prices to that of B&B but these budget hotels are usually very basic so you don't get any more for your money. Many budget hotels also tend to be next to busy major roads whereas some B&Bs can be found in much nicer locations and sometimes have a more personal and friendly service.

There are three different classifications of B&B:


This will be a nicely decorated room with an en-suite bathroom (possibly Jacuzzi).


This type of room will include an en-suite bathroom


This indicates that there is not an en-suite bathroom and that you will have to use a shared bathroom.

Room types are single, twin, double or family. A single room will contain one single bed, a twin room is two single beds, a double contains one double bed and a family room will offer various bed arrangements to suit a family of four or five.

Breakfast is either a typical full English breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, sausgage, baked beans, toast, mushrooms and tomatoes or cereal and toast.

Payment at a B&B is usually by cash or cheque but it is best to check with the owner to see how they want to be paid. As B&Bs are small establishments it is unlikely that they take credit or debit cards.

Below is a list of websites that list B&Bs throughout the UK.